pronoun /'eniTIN/
1 any thing, event, situation etc, when it does not matter exactly which: Anything will do to wedge the door open. | If you believe that, you'll believe anything! | OK, you can borrow the car - anything for a quiet life. | anything red/cheap etc: She'll buy anything reduced in a sale. | anything else (=any different thing): It's got to be Dior - anything else just isn't good enough.
2 used in questions, negatives, and statements expressing possibility to mean `nothing' or `something': You can't believe anything she says. | Have you heard anything about the new Garrison Keillor book? | anything to say/to do etc: It was a great health farm but there wasn't really anything to do in the evenings. | anything new/stupid etc: We've almost sealed the deal, so don't do anything stupid. | anything else (=any other thing, event etc): Would you like anything else to eat?
3 anything but clear/happy etc used to emphasize that someone or something is not clear, happy etc: The bridge is anything but safe. | We'd been warned he was a frail, withdrawn man but when I met him he was anything but.
-see also: some
4 anything like similar in any way to something or someone else: Does she look anything like her mother?
5 not anything like/near spoken used to emphasize that someone or something is not in a particular condition or state: We don't have anything like enough money to buy a new car.
6 as easy/fast etc as anything extremely easy, fast etc: It was a long lecture and as boring as anything.
7 or anything or something that is similar: Would you like a gin and tonic or anything?
8 for anything if you will not do something for anything, you will definitely not do it: After what happened last time, I wouldn't work for them again for anything.
9 like anything if you do something like anything, you do it a lot or to a great degree: Tom only left last week and I already miss him like anything.
10 anything you say used to tell someone you agree with what they suggest when actually you do not: You ought to keep the flat more tidy. Anything you say.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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